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TypeScript/JavaScript API SDK which enables you to seamlessly integrate the Bitmovin API into your projects.

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Using this API client requires an active account.

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Documentation & Release Notes


If you have any questions regarding the SDK, provided examples or our services, please log in to your Bitmovin Dashboard at https://bitmovin.com/dashboard and create a support ticket. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible :+1:


npm install @bitmovin/api-sdk@1.179.0



Using ES6 import

import BitmovinApi from '@bitmovin/api-sdk';

const bitmovinApi = new BitmovinApi({apiKey: '<YOUR_API_KEY>'});

With require

exports.__esModule = true;
const BitmovinApi = require('@bitmovin/api-sdk')["default"];

const bitmovinApi = new BitmovinApi({apiKey: '<YOUR_API_KEY>'});


Use @bitmovin/api-sdk/dist/bitmovin-api-sdk.browser.js or bitmovin-api-sdk.browser.min.js for the minified version.

ES5 with Modules (CommonJS)

Import @bitmovin/api-sdk/dist/index.js.


  • Typescript (@bitmovin/api-sdk/dist/index.d.ts)


You can find sample workflow scripts in the Bitmovin API SDK examples repository.

Deprecated API Client (Legacy)

bitmovin-api-sdk-javascript is the latest Bitmovin API client for TypeScript / JavaScript. It guarantees 100% specification conformity at any given time and access to all features of the API as soon as they are released.

However, if you need to use the previous version for legacy reasons, you can still find it at bitmovin-javascript.

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