class InterlaceMode extends Enum {
  • // methods
  • public static InterlaceMode create()
  • public static InterlaceMode TOP()
  • public static InterlaceMode BOTTOM()
  • public static InterlaceMode DROP_EVEN()
  • public static InterlaceMode DROP_ODD()
  • public static InterlaceMode PAD()
  • public static InterlaceMode INTERLACE_X2()
  • public static InterlaceMode MERGE()
  • public static InterlaceMode MERGE_X2()




  • BOTTOM() — Use the bottom field from odd frames and top field from even frames
  • DROP_EVEN() — Drop all even frames
  • DROP_ODD() — Drop all odd frames
  • INTERLACE_X2() — Double the frame rate. Extra frames use the second field of the next frame, alternating with the first field of the previous frame
  • MERGE() — Move odd frames into the upper field and even frames into the lower field
  • MERGE_X2() — Double the height of all frames by inserting the lines of the next frame as second field
  • PAD() — Double the height of all frames by inserting alternating black lines
  • TOP() — Use the top field from odd frames and bottom field from even frames
  • create()

Inherited from BitmovinApiSdk\Common\Enum


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