class SrtInput extends Input {
  • // Inherited members from BitmovinResponse
  • public string $id;
  • // Inherited methods from Input
  • public void __construct()
  • // Inherited methods from BitmovinResponse
  • public void __construct()
  • // Inherited methods from ApiResource
  • public void __construct()
  • public static $this create()
  • public void toArray()






  • __construct()
  • backupSrtInputs() — backupSrtInputs
  • host() — The name or IP of the host providing the SRT stream (only used in CALLER mode)
  • keyLength() — The type of AES encryption determines the length of the key (passphrase). AES-128 uses a 16-character (128-bit) passphrase, and AES-256 uses a 32-character (256-bit) passphrase.
  • latency() — The maximum accepted transmission latency in milliseconds (when both parties set different values, the maximum of the two is used for both)
  • mode() — The SRT mode to use (required)
  • passphrase() — The passphrase used to secure the SRT stream. For AES-128 encryption, you must enter a 16-character passphrase; for AES-256, you must enter a 32-character passphrase
  • path() — The path parameter of the SRT stream
  • port() — The port to connect to or listen on. Has to be one of [2088, 2089, 2090, 2091] when using LISTENER mode. (required)

Inherited from BitmovinApiSdk\Models\BitmovinResource


  • customData() — User-specific meta data. This can hold anything.
  • description() — Description of the resource. Can be freely chosen by the user.
  • name() — Name of the resource. Can be freely chosen by the user.

Inherited from BitmovinApiSdk\Common\ApiResource