class Thumbnail extends BitmovinResource {
  • // Inherited members from BitmovinResponse
  • public string $id;
  • // Inherited methods from BitmovinResponse
  • public void __construct()
  • // Inherited methods from ApiResource
  • public void __construct()
  • public static $this create()
  • public void toArray()






  • __construct()
  • height() — Height of the thumbnail. (required)
  • interval() — The interval in which to create thumbnails. In seconds (E.g. a value of 4 means create a thumbnail every 4 seconds). Mutually exclusive with positions/unit. Has to be equal to or greater than 1.
  • outputs() — outputs
  • pattern() — Pattern which describes the thumbnail filenames. For example with thumbnail-%number%.png as pattern and 3 positions: thumbnail-3_0.png, thumbnail-5_0.png and thumbnail-25_5.png. (The number represents the position in the source video in seconds, in the previous example the first filename represents the thumbnail at 3s, the second one at 5s and the third one at 25.5s).
  • positions() — Position in the unit where the thumbnail should be created from. Mutually exclusive with interval.
  • unit() — Unit of the values in the positions array.

Inherited from BitmovinApiSdk\Models\BitmovinResource


  • customData() — User-specific meta data. This can hold anything.
  • description() — Description of the resource. Can be freely chosen by the user.
  • name() — Name of the resource. Can be freely chosen by the user.

Inherited from BitmovinApiSdk\Common\ApiResource